Amerila nigropunctata
Argina astraea
Creatonotos gangis
Nyctemera baulus
Utetheisa sp.
Eugoa sp. ANIC1
Heterallactis stenochrysa
Lyclene reticulata
Manulea dorsalis
Oeonistis altica
Amerila alberti
Amerila rubripes
Eugoa sp. ANIC2
Amerila crokeri
Heterallactis sp.
Schistophleps albida
Utetheisa sp.
Amerila timolis
Amata sp.
Amata bicolor
Cyana sp.
Lyclene pyraula

Utetheisa lotrix and U. pulchelloides cannot be distinguished from live photographs unless the male antennae are shown in close up. Females cannot be distinguished except by genitalic dissection.

Note Amerila astreus is not on the Australian Checklist. It is usually identified as an Asian species. However, it is found in Papua - which is closer to Kuranda than Brisbane - and is difficult to distinguish from A. timolis. One of the distinguishing features is that it is brighter. So, I am leaving A. astreus here for the time being.

Cyana meyricki is a very similar species found in southern Qld and northern NSW which has a black collar. This northern Qld look-alike with a brick red collar has no name.

Calamidia hirta
Nyctemera secundiana
Heterotropa fastosa
Amata sp.
Amata sp.
Teulisna bipunctata
Eressa geographica
Schistophleps obducta
Argina astraea
Amerila nigropunctata
Asura polyspila
Amerila astreus
Heliosia perichares
Termessa gratiosa
Heterallactis microchrysa
Thallarcha sparsana
Lambula obliquilinea
Melastrota nigrisquamata
Paralacydes maculifascia
Heterallactis niphocephala
Lyclene quadrilineata
Aloa marginata
Chamaita barnardi
Cyana obscura
Heliosia micra
Utetheisa aegrotum
Amata humeralis
Asura bipars
Ceryx guttulosa
Diduga flavicostata
Nyctemera amicus
Gymnasura saginaea
Termessa sp. ANIC 2
Thallarcha epileuca
Spilosoma nobilis
Tigrioides nitens
Oeonistis altica

Subfamily Arctiinae

Subfamily Ctenuchinae

Subfamily Lithosiinae

Goniosema euraphota
Amata marella
Asura cervicalis
Gymnasura flavia
Scaphidriotis camptopleura
Amata huebneri
Halone interspersa
Asura compsodes
Spilosoma canescens
Asura monospila
Eressa megalospilia

Scaptesyle sp.

(Id by EDE)

Aloa costalis
Amata paraula

Termessa sp.

(Id by EDE)