January 2018

Happy New Year!

3 trips in December. One of the best nights ever for moths at Longlands Gap, Wondecla, just short of Ravenshoe. And somewhat disappointing nights on the lower slopes of Mt Baldy and at Ingham. The latter trip was made especially to try to collect the giant pygmy cricket. In that respect it was unsuccessful. But one of our mantras is that 'we always get something' and of course we did. The area around Ingham is virtually a monoculture of cane fields. And I have never seen so many cane beetles come to the lights! And if the correct word for a collection of rhinos is a horn, there was one of those for the rhino beetles.

A few of the most 'liked' Tropical Tonics for the month can be viewed here

Cheers Buck

Longlands Gap 8 December