October 2017

Two trips this month.

Mt Baldy at the back of Atherton was quite a misty night with wet pants below the knees.

After jumping through several bureaucratic hoops Dave eventually managed to get the permits to collect in the Brooklyn reserve.

Had quite a few days capturing a pair of Brown Pigeons (Brown Cuckoo Dove a much more enthralling common name alternative) that were feeding on berries in a tree about 20 metres off our verandah.

A few of the most 'liked' Tropical Tonics for the month can be viewed here.

I have begun a caterpillar/chrysalis page.

And finally I have been having fun doing some more 'twirling' - see below. I must admit it is a little like twiddling one's thumbs.

Cheers Buck

Lower back of Mt Baldy 18 September